Cover image for I have released a Demo of "Citadel Stormer 2", a 2D action platformer that I have been working on

I have released a Demo of "Citadel Stormer 2", a 2D action platformer that I have been working on

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Hi! I'd like to present my upcoming 2D platformer "Citadel Stormer 2". It's inspired by classic shooters like Megaman and Contra that I played while growing up.

I'm pretty happy with the way it's coming along. I am a novice when it comes to programming (even though I have been dabbling with Game development for the last couple of years). But through youtube tutorials, advice from experienced programmers and some experimentation I was able to create the game's basic mechanics and foundation. I'm still fine tuning things but I believe I have a working game on my hands. :)

As far as the game's story is concerned, I haven't fleshed it out, but I've decided it's going to be about an evil AI and killer robots.

Here are some GIFs showing what the game looks like:

Gameplay GIF 1

Gameplay GIF 2

Gameplay GIF 3

Current game features:

  • Simple straightforward old-school 2D platformer action.
  • Fight using 3 different guns with varying attack damage. (More guns will be added!)
  • Avoid hazards - instadeath spikes, electric bolts etc.
  • Fight a variety of robot enemies.
  • Game save and load.

If you're interested, you can download the demo at these locations:

ITCH.IO: https://pixeltroid.itch.io/citadel-stormer-2

GAMEJOLT: https://gamejolt.com/games/citadelstormer2/508978

The Demo contains the first level in it's entirety. Please note that the game is still in development. If you can, please check out the Demo and post your feedback if you have any!

Thank you!

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