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New Live Coding Sessions scheduled! Join us :)

Hello everyone,

September brings a lot of news for the CodeJourneys family. 🎉

  • We have started planning the next Live Coding Sessions
  • We are 300 now and the community is growing fast
  • We are on twitter: @codejourneys
  • We use eventbrite for event registration
  • We have an agenda :)

🎉 Many other news will follow in the coming days. 🎉

Live Coding Sessions

📆 The next scheduled sessions are:

1) Unit Testing in JavaScript

“Unit testing” is a type of software testing where individual units or components of a software are tested. We’ll create together a small application using the “Test Driven Development” approach.

Unit Testing in JavaScript banner

2) Job Interview Simulation: Junior Front-End Developer

We’ll do a live job interview simulation for junior front-end developers.
We’ll analyse common questions, exercises, algorithms and katas.

Front-End Dev Job Interview Simulation banner

🎟️ FREE slots 🎟️

Since we are becoming "professional" 😄, now you can reserve a free slot on the website:


You can join us on Slack or you can visit our website.

💬 FEEDBACKS are always welcome.

Happy coding! 😄

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