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Introducing Messageraft! # buildinpublic

Introducing Messageraft πŸŽ‰. A single API that can be used to dispatch email, SMS, and chat-based notifications all from a single interface.


Since I sold my startup, I have been left with a void that my creative mind was looking for ways to fill.

One of the ideas that I kept coming back to prior to selling my startup was a notification gateway as a service. I went ahead and scratched my itch and MessageRaft is the result of that.

Let's get some things out of the way first.

Notifications gateway, erm whats that doc?

A notifications gateway as the name implies is a portal where notifications pass through. In layman terms, it's basically a server that has an API exposed to other services/apps and receives requests.

And you guess it, notification requests. Simply put, it is a single API that can process multiple types of notifications and dispatch accordingly.

While it is still in its infancy, it is fully functional, the core is open-source hence it is free to use and you can get started in under 2 minutes (your internet connection and computer is the only bottleneck on that!!!)

So, without further ado, I have built and released a CLI which you can use to get started here

Future plans

Messageraft is going to be 100% build in public and its core will always be free. I am looking to see if it picks traction and if it does I plan to create a product around it for people who don't want to host the service themselves plus a magnitude more providers support.

In addition, I have recently released a helper tool that makes it even easier and faster to develop and test emails locally from your machine with the help of MessageRaft which I am going to cover in another article so stay tuned for that!

This is the first time I am building in public and would appreciate any type of feedback you can provide. As always you can find me on twitter

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