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Make stunning Landing Pages with ✨UIgraphic

This is not a paid article but the owner of the product contacted me and I found that he offers very good free and premium resources. So I think it might be interesting for who are looking for UI resources

UIgraphic landing page


If you don't know what is UIGraphic is a really simple platform that has 3D designs (free & premium) that can be used for real products in both plans. In addition when you download the design you got:

  • PNG with the background
  • PNG with the content
  • PNG with the composition for desktop
  • PNG with the composition for mobile/tablet
  • Blender project to modify the whole the design

So if you just want the basic design you can use the PNG but if you want to go further you can change colors/position or add/remove elements in the Blender design to customize it for your product.

Purchasing resources on UIgraphic

To download a resource is super easy you just need to give them your email and they will send you the zip with all the listed files.

Files included in the zip

Now a days they offer illustrations (free & premium), animations (premium) and they also offer custom products if you contact them

If you want to check out their website is

Finally I will show you an example of a design resource, this is the one I have downloaded to test it out

design example
As you see is perfect for the top of a landing page.

Also good luck to the UIGraphic team because they seem to have launched very recently. ♥

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