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Using github repos as Haskell dependency

Ken Aguilar
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I'm fairly new to haskell especially when it comes to packaging libraries.
I was having a hard time finding how to include github repositories in the [name of your project].cabal file of my project. I've been to cabal user guide and didn't find it there, at least not at first. Good thing @samderbyshire saw my tweet and answered my question.

First thing to do is to create a cabal.project file because this file doesn't get generated when you do cabal init, then include the following

  type: git
  location: git://[repo owner]/[the repo i want to include as dependency].git

packages: ./[name of your project].cabal

Then in the your [name of your project].cabal file include the repository under the build-depends section

build-depends:    base ^>=
                , the-repo-you-want-to-include

The reason I wanted to do this was because I want to use the library I've written in one of my project without the hassle of publishing it to stackage or hackage.

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Jan van Brügge

Just as a side note, when you are using stack, you can add git repos in your stack.yaml under extraDeps

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