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Are soft skills that important?

The labor market is constantly changing: new technologies appear, the demand for hybrid professions is growing as a result of a mixture of old specialties and new competencies.

Soft skills:
over-professional, universal in relation to the subject area;
demonstrate competence, integrity and maturity of the individual;
reflected in social behavior;
more resilient in a changing world.

For example, communication skills, flexibility of thinking, skills of self-presentation, the art of conducting discussions.

Agile skills are especially needed in leadership positions. Therefore, their presence helps in career advancement and affects earnings.

What soft skills are important for a developer?
Today it is not enough to be excellent at writing code. Every developer needs soft skills in his toolbox beyond being a good coder.
Critical thinking
Creativity and flexibility

You can read the list to the end or give your own variants in comments.

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