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Process Proposal

step by step
When I was at the university I present a proposal to make a little different the process to develop a website (also works with other software develops), My boss back then was new and just had a computer and customer, but the time we had more and more customers and the company was growing.
Arrived designers, engineers and commercial people, all were part of the developing, and I thought in form to make more cheap and fast all, this is my proposal:

Planning > Concept > Executing

  • Planning We had a meeting to talk all about the project, the commercial people involved us in the area, business type, graphics line, type the customer, basically all.

It's important to make the act(a paperwork about all talked in the meeting) and the requirements doc.

know what does the customer want?
probably neither he, but our mission is to make something great and possible, the list of requirements is a way to know more and avoid mistakes.

We defined the schedule meetings but demonstrated the responsibility and compromise of the project, all person like the project manager, designer, developer, and the customer must be synchronized.

Present the concept graphics, proposals and the interactive mockups.(videos or software like marvel...)

The developers defined delivery times to present the website or software, that are presents many problems but is the more fun area.
coding and during many nights without sleep is heavy, but and the end you can see your little son jejeje

//Note: I know that process is the same to scrum or other, but I would like to say my opinion and share my manner to make the things.

thanks for reading, Is very important to me this blog because is an outside to my mind and share with you.

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