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Piotr Słupski
Piotr Słupski

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Now I'm here - 5 years badge on Where were you 5 years ago ? :)

What were you doing 5 years ago?

I recently got a notification about my 5 years on It hit me really hard, as I was not active here once I switched careers from scientist to software engineer.

Back then, was a startup, I was amidst going from being a Technology Wizard at a high tech perovskite solar cell technology company towards my own startup, which is kinda in zombie state now - we did invent smart functional materials that can be used for a Black Panther suit, amongst other things.

Some year later, I was freelancing and looking for a job. 3 and a half years ago, landed my current job. Now - I'm here.

Whats your story?

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Andrew Baisden

Wow 5 years congrats you are a real veteran! I have only been on here for 2 years 😅 5 years ago I was doing an internship as a Developer and I barely had any experience. They were trying to get me to learn PHP but I had no passion for it at the time 😂

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Five years ago today, I was at my first job out of college, and had been for over 3 years. But I was only a few weeks away from resigning. I resigned in June 2017. After that my life changed radically.

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5 years ago I was on my second year working full time as a developer, for the same company I work at now (more or less). Since then I've moved 3 times to 3 different locations. I worked on a lot of projects (multiple of them I saw be born and die), and went from being a junior to becoming a senior in charged of 2 people and a few projects. I guess it's been quite a journey since then...

Don't know what the next 5 years will bring though, but I hope they're as interesting as the previous 5 :)

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Alin Pisica

I'll get my 5 year batch this October, hopefully :) 5 years ago I was in my last high school year, doing freelancing and reading as much as possible. DEV was a life changer.

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Damn I was 8 years old 5 years ago