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Apple Screenshots Made Easy

I try not to store a lot of things on my desktop, and it’s not a convenient place for me to store any screenshots that I might take in order to quickly email when I have all kinds of other windows up. I wanted a way to be able to just click and drag my most recent screenshot into whatever I might be working with. For this purpose, I looked into how to change the default screenshot location and found out it was very easy thanks to OSX Daily. For my purposes, I’m using the location of a folder named Screenshots on my desktop, but you could put anything in the file path specified. The very cool part is that this screenshots folder is sitting on my dock and is sorted by date added. What this means is I can just CMD-SHIFT-4 and badda-bing, badda-boom have a screenshot ready to work with. Want to do the same? Just open up terminal and type the following:

defaults write location ~/Desktop/Screenshots/
killall SystemUIServer

and if you wanted to switch back to the regular path, you could type the following
defaults write location ~/Desktop/
killall SystemUIServer`

Bonus protip: add that folder to your dock and sort it by date added. Your most recent screenshots will be a click away

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