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My First Impression of Unity

piniolk profile image Katherine Piniol ・2 min read

This past week, I attended the first meeting for one of the clubs in my college campus. It's called Game Dev, one of the Special Interest Groups (SIG) in ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). Along with introductions, they started to expose us to Unity.

When first opening Unity, this is what shows:
Alt Text

Without them having to say anything, it was fairly straight forward. I knew what the projects and the learn tab meant. However, opening up and creating a new project is what really caught me off guard.
Alt Text

I didn't have any previous experience with any game engine so I was extremely overwhelmed. I didn't know what any of it meant or how any of it worked. The Game Dev president had guided us through what each section meant and started to walk us through and help out with the Roll-a-Ball learning project.

I was still unsure how to work it but as we went through the first steps, the moment we placed a sphere and added physics to it, I was amazed. I immediately wanted to learn more and start working with Unity. I, however, don't know C#, I've had experience with C and C++, but not C#.

This brief experience with Unity has made me want to start learning Unity and C# in my free time instead of Python. While I'd like to learn both Python and C#, I have a college course where I'm learning LISP, and juggling both LISP and Python is already a little difficult, not to mention the lack of free time I have. But I look forward to learning Unity and making a game with it.


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Mara McCrann

Unity might have this kinda 'difficult' learning curve, but once you know how things work in it, you'll enjoy using it! Luckily there are lots and lots of tutorials covering about how-to's of the engine so there's not much to worry about. I hope you do make games with it!