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Whats it like to be a junior front end dev?

Its no secret that a lot of people nowadays are trying to learn to code on their own. Most of them (myself included) want to start as a front end developer. But since they are doing it on their own, they lack the knowledge of whats it like to be a junior fr. end developer. They dont know. That causes them to continue.

They started with HTML and SCSS. They continue with Javascript. "Alright, I'm done with Javascript, I hope. Let's check React." They do react. They find PHP. A wild Python appears! They decide to start a couple projects with C#.

Suddenly, the newbie with 0 knowledge of programming (yes, Im talking about myself) made a huge turn. He started studying junior front-end development. Yet he now tries to become a senior full-stack developer without any experience.

The primary reason? He doesnt know. He is not aware of what a junior front end developer is responsible of doing. Is he the one that fixes the links? Will the company make him do back-end? Will he create entire webpages by himself? Is he the one and only thats gonna be in charge of complete ecommerce websites? This terrifies him. He is too scared to apply for any kind of job on the field.

Thats why I made this post. If you are (or were or are in charge of) a junior fr. end developer. What would you expect to do? What would your "tasks" be? I have to admit, I made this post for semi-selfish reasons (I reached the "imposter syndrome" stage), but hopefully, your answers will help any other person thats like me!

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