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Introducing HTTP Mock

pimterry profile image Tim Perry ・2 min read


I'm super excited to show you my latest HTTP Toolkit release: HTTP Mock.

It's an HTTP debugging, testing & development tool, similar to others like Fiddler & Charles, but cross-platform, 100% open-source, and dramatically modernized.

The best bit of magic: one click setup. Click a button, and open a Chrome or Firefox window, or a command line, and start seeing all HTTP or HTTPS sent by that specific window. Open pages in your browser, run CLI tools, start up your Node.js server, Python script or Ruby app, and you'll immediately see all the HTTP & HTTPS they're sending.

Super useful for complex microservice debugging, but also if you're just trying to understand how some simple communication in your codebase actually works. I've added inline docs from the Mozilla Developer Network too for all standard methods, statuses and headers, which helps make everything easier to understand.

HTTP Mock, showing some intercepted traffic

From there, there's a new 'Mock' tab, which lets you mock & rewrite HTTP.

You can match requests & breakpoint them to take a closer look, and edit the request or response, or provide your own response directly. You can match requests and provide automated responses, to mock endpoints or entire servers, or inject error responses, timeouts & connection resets to test your error handling.

Even forward traffic from one host to another, to replace your production database with a local one, or anything else you can imagine.

Like so:

HTTP Mock, showing some rewrite rules

Sound good? It's a free download from Try it out, let me know what you think!

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Veeresh Charantimath

Looks cool, when is the Android one coming out?

pimterry profile image
Tim Perry Author

It's definitely on the list! You can follow progress & subscribe for notifications when it's out over here: