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Discussion on: Git Workflow: Do you commit to master on your solo projects?

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Andžs • Edited on

My strategy for our company website (I maintain it as secondary priority, sometimes no changes for weeks, sometimes work on it few days in a row):

  • CMS/content branch if its plug-n-play content like article/news/press release/blog/case-study etc. This way preview will have the same URL.

  • Dedicated branches always for each styling/structure/feature/product change. Sometimes also bigger content changes gets its branch. Basically, for anything that might span over long enough time to overlap with other changes.

  • Directly master only with visual bug-fixes like button placement, padding etc. Ofc, I use localhost live preview server.

Though not required, I do always ask for final proof-reading and approval on the branch preview from our marketing/company lead. Most of the time they find something to fine tune once they see content in place.

Also, our master branch have few more grunt tasks like image compression, critical css, etc. that takes considerably more time to build. Having ability just to push new branch in minute or so with Netlify branches is just pure gold. Almost like a new site, but max close to the prod.

In the end, even though one works solo on a project, things will go in parallel. I have taken this practice over for other projects (where possible), it makes you to focus just on the feature scope.

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dAVE Inden Author

Thanks for all of this detail! I like this approach. I love Netlify and I love how it can do a build off of branches. I might use this for my final testing to run the site locally on my machine and then get a preview of what a build with the branch looks like before merging it into master.