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Discussion on: Should routing go before security?

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Ok, I see.

If we talk about API with auth, then there are a high chance of dynamic routing, user-specific and global resources. Maybe at some scale, there will be an API gateway first, then it forwards requests to one of the services at the backend even not knowing detailed list what backend can have.

Even more so on API with authentication then let's not forget also about authorization.
If user X can have file Y, then user Z cannot have file Y. So, the response depends on finished authentication and authorization steps.

It's like someone knocking on your door, first you want to know who he is before you let him in and let watch your TV. Not the other way around - let in, he takes the TV and on the way out you try to explain that he cannot have it.
If you don't even let him in, you get very suspicious when he asks if you have an HD TV with HDR and Dolby sound...

I believe that auth makes sense to do early as possible so it is never forgotten as middle or last step or accidentally bypassed by a cache... not that anyone could imagine possible bug scenario here...