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I can tell what I’m doing now after retiring from code position: creating the new web.


Never really considered it. I mean, I'm one of those people that turned a childhood hobby into a career. And, even had I not been able to make that leap, I probably would have continued to have it as a hobby. I don't know that, just because I give up the daily-grind, I'll ever not participate in technically-oriented hobbies.


Time and other things. If I ever get a remote job, I'll propably join some ONG that teaches code to marginalized people in my city.


Retirement seems far and unlikely....but I'll put that aside for a minute.

I'd love to be traveling or retiring on a beach somewhere.


I think it would be cool to teach all I know and my experience to other coders. Also maybe learn something like making short films and reading books😄


I would travel around the world and code in every country LOL


When I retire from writing code completely it will be because I have moved off this mortal coil so I will just rest.

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