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Changelog #0015 — 🐑 Duplicating collections and more

Last week we announced Spaces, a new way to organize your requests and collections. Since then, our main focus has been on the upcoming integration of HTTPie for Web & Desktop with our cloud sync backend. At the same time, we’ve also shipped a few goodies.

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HTTPie for Web & Desktop

🐑 Duplicating collections

It’s been possible to duplicate requests for a while. Now you can also duplicate whole collections for even faster reuse.


✨ Other improvements

  • We’ve moved the “Preview & export…” panel toggle up next to the request form tabs based on our users’ feedback. More accessible and easy.
  • Look at our new settings icon! You can access your settings through the account menu.

🪲 Bug fixes

  • The header name autocomplete dropdown doesn’t hide the name field anymore.
  • The menu in the message panel that allows you to copy the messages was misaligned when activated. It’s fixed now.
  • The icon inside the collection tab was too small. Now it has the correct size.
  • The settings tab’s checkmarks could sometimes overlap the library in some outstanding layouts. Fixed.
  • The new font improvements uncovered an extra backtick we had on the preview type selector. A tiny bug that is now gone.

HTTPie for Terminal

We’ve been putting the finishing touches on a new 3.2.0 release that we plan to release next week. See last week’s changelog for an overview of the upcoming features.

Happy testing, and see you next week!

But in the meantime…

Originally published on HTTPie blog.

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