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Some people may find it weird that I always end my Kubernetes talk with this

you are not google

But its completely intentional to help steer new users into using the simpler solution that works well.

All solutions and tools - even the one I am building ( a web testing tool).

Are just tools - they all have engineering trade-offs against other tools.

The problem I feel is most people tend to focus on the benefit, and not the negative feature tradeoff, nor the hidden cost (such as learning time, or lack of documentation)

And as you put it, if it does not solve a problem - I can have the world most efficient web app, that runs on 1 mb of ram, supporting a million connections - and have zero users.

And ughh on a small scale - I lost count on how many times I have to keep advising new developers to just stick to their current IDE - and not reinstall and change to a new IDE for every workshop/lecture - because that was what the presentor use.

Wasting the first 15 precious minutes of the workshop learning.

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