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I lucked into my first development job, I had just left my previous job in coffee without any specific goals in mind, reached out to some acquaintances for some mentoring and they eventually hired me to work in their startup. I didn’t start in development but I’ve slowly moved over. Circumstances are leading me to look for another job, but I’m not sure where to start. I’d consider this my first real software job hunt.

I’d love to read other people’s stories of how they got their first job in software! Maybe there will be some wisdom for people like me.

How did you find your first dev job?
Was/Is it remote, on-site, something else?
What was your experience/qualifications before you got the job?
Did you actually meet all the listed requirements before you applied?

Tell your story! I’d love to read it!

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Hello, Andy.

My first dev job was found though the local community, one of the developers from a startup announced the job and I sent him a message, after that we set up a date for a presencial meeting. Getting there, I talked with the rest of the team and got the job. When I was applying, I did not met all the requirements, but I was willing to learn them. The job was remote and I had no previous experience, I was at the middle of my under graduation and the knowledge that I got was from udemy courses + friend help.


That’s amazing! Did it work out well?


Kind of, I learned what was left but had trouble with the application itself. I think that I don't fit that well with remote, at least not at the currently level that I am. Before that job, I had a few interviews, from internship for junior level and got a great experience with them. That was some jobs that were looking for a higher level, but used lower to announce them so that they could pay less. My advice for you is: apply for the job if you meet at least 50% of the requirements, cause some job require easier tasks and could have someone to help you.

Interesting, I’m really intrigued by remote, but sure I’ll need some type of co-working setup so I’m not alone every day.

And Thanks Willane! I’ll take that into account.


That’s amazing! I bet you have a pretty unique story there. How did the first job pan out?

That’s so awesome! Glad it all worked out.