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re: What do you think the feed algorithm should be? VIEW POST

re: I'm a bit torn on this. I have thought recently that improvements to the feed are needed. At the same time, I'm not sure DEV's stance on it. Should...

Wow, great, thoughtful comment

I would like to see a reduction in copied and pasted links with little to no original content

These really bother me, I feel like I was tricked and wasted my time.

I realize that if they are popular others must like them, so why should they be lower priority?

Yeah, that's a tough one. I sometimes like them, but most are vapid. I would prefer they be categorized as listicles through some mechanism and users could decide what to do with them. Best in my opinion would be if they were banned, and instead become a series and each article can be assessed on it's own merits. Hopefully, that would lead to more valuable and thoughtful content.

Moderators can "thumbs down" posts

I learned this while diving deeper for the linked article. They can vomit too

Users can like or save the post based on the title without even skimming it

That's a very interesting UX point

I think these days it is more about giving and receiving likes on your posts and there is less community

Maybe visible reactions bring in too much bandwagon behavior? Follower count is intentionally not visible publicly for a similar reason.

limiting how often a user can post in a certain tag or how many posts per day

I agree with this. There are prolific writers, but I would think, for this community, anyone so prolific is probably a marketer or devrel like @dabit3 (who does not post multiple times a day) and moderators can quickly discover that Nader is welcome here but general marketing with low-value-add articles aren't.

Though backfilling an RSS feed should be acceptable if date of posting keeps original date so it won't show up as "recent" in the feed.

#javascript, #webdev tags are usually attached to #react posts as well

The UI for tag weight could be improved. I think it's good to have multiple tags (limited number) as it is now. A large negative weight should counterbalance sufficiently but it is not accounted for in the 3rd batch of articles and after scrolling a lot. That could be a simpler fix.

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