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Get Your Website Garnished With CakePHP Framework Development

CakePHP is one of the most well-known frameworks for launching shopping cart websites, web applications and CMS’s too. Owing to its built-in functionality, CakePHP gives your website a competitive edge over their opponent. Since its launch in 2005, CakePHP has acquired wide acceptance to create extraordinary web applications at ease. It is easier to deliver robust and effective websites using CakePHP as it is an open source framework.

Listed below are some of the important reasons that contribute to the rising popularity of CakePHP framework development:

Minimal Configuration

Developers often spend a lot of time in configuring the PHP framework in appropriate ways. However, CakePHP can easily be used without making any complex configuration. This framework can automatically detect the required setting automatically. It is important for developers as well to set up the database before coding the website.

After setting up the database, the framework can easily be used without analyzing any complex XML file.

Quick Prototyping

An important part of web application development process followed these days is prototyping. During the initial phases of development, developers need to test the concept beforehand by creating a prototype of the application. CakePHP helps programmers create prototype of the web application without investing much time and effort. They can also take advantage of code generation to design prototypes quickly.

Enhances Routing Performance

Developers often use tools to define routes to distinct the application from its structure of URL’s. Use of reverse routing allow users to convert a number of parameter in a URL string. Reverse routing can further be used to refactor the URL structure of application without making any changes to the coding. Its improved routing technique dispatches the routes faster without impacting the performance.

MVC programming

Web applications of varying scale and nature can be developed using CakePHP development. It is a modern framework that supports model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. This architecture helps in the development of large scale applications at ease. Developers can easily insert, update and access data from the database without impacting the display and presentation.

Built-in security

CakePHP comes with a number of built-in tools to keep the website secure and inaccessible. This tool helps the developers to secure web applications from cross site scripting attacks and SQL injection.

Additionally, it can also be used to validate user input and prevent websites from tampering.

The prolific functionality of framework allows developers to create stunning applications that might help in expanding your business by leaps and bounds.

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