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Reincarnation of popular PHP package for Slack

Hi, everyone!

Today I want to tell about small but popular open source package and ask some help from you.


I think most of you use Slack in your teams for simplifying work on your project. For this, Slack is very great and helpful.

You can create several channels in it for different departments or/and different subteams — for example, for frontend, backend, devops,.. You can connect all kinds of already implemented integrations for every taste: Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, Jira, Trello — all that you could only think about, probably already implemented and there is an integration. And if not, there is great API with help of which you can put into effect all your ideas easily. And most likely you’ve already implemented something for Slack at least once.

Also you can connect applications or so-called bots and for example quickly get instant voting or weather summary. And you can write your own. And so on…

Besides you can write a simple small API in your application that will receive commands from Slack and do some actions. In one of my projects I implement many abilities of admin panel via Slack commands. And it turned out very handy.

However we more often use Slack API for monitoring (severs/logs/…) and for notifying about some events in our application.

PHP package

If you use Slack in your team for monitoring, notifications, commands or other purposes you primarily like me try to find existing package that easy to install and use. And like me find great and popular package maknz/slack.

This package at the moment has about 2 millions installs, almost 1000 stars and 150 forks. This package has 73 depended packages, including all kinds of integrations with different frameworks (Laravel, Symfony, Yii, …) and automations like PHP-CI. Lets consent that’s fairly well.

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