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Ergonomics of desk-setups

Hi everybody,

I wondered, how many of you are aware of ergonomic rules on how to create an ergonomic workspace. Specially in the homeoffice. When you browse for example the hashtag desksetup on instagram you will find that most desks are placed against a wall, so you can place rgb strip or a picture frame and simply make a good picture.

But that is actually quite bad for your eyes, if you can't focus on a different distance for the whole day. I tend to put my desks on a right angle from the wall so a can look into the room.

What are your toughts on that? I would like to see your desk setups, that have an ergonomic purpose.

Stay home, stay save.

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Eyad • Edited

I also put my desk same way you do but an additional requirement I have is that it's next to a window. I like looking outside every once in a while.

I've moved to the US recently so my desk setup isn't complete yet, but back home I've had the monitor mounted really high so I wouldn't slouch my back. The monitor's bottom edge was aligned straight with my eyes when my back is sitting up right. It really did stop me from slouching.

I use a vertical mouse and an ergonomic keyboard which really helped with my arms' and hands' pain.

Next step for me is a standing desk with a proper chair.

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Roben Kleene

One ergonomic tip I’ve found helpful that I’ve never seen anywhere is to use a couple of different keyboard layouts. It’s called “repetitive” strain injury, so if you change which motions you’re repeating, by using different keyboard layouts, you’ll be able to use your computer for longer. I personally use a an and that provides a nice contrast with my laptop's keyboard.

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PHP and cigars

When this whole pandemic thing took off and I went to the homeoffice, I thought it would be fun to change my mechanical keyboard every day of the week.

But I will try your tip.