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Is animation always required when developing a website?

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Recently, a designer told me that every websites always needs animation. I am a minimalist. When i develop a website, i don't want to set too many CSS properties for animation except client requires. How do you think? Do you think a website always need eye-catching animation or it should be as simple as possible?

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I would say that it depends on the purpose of the website. If the website is focused on being non-interactive (informational) then no. However, if the website requires user interaction then animations should be necessary for feedback of the interaction (button clicks, setting changes). I would develop a website first, then add animations as one of the last steps where necessary.


Animations can make a site easier to understand and more pleasing, but they can also be distracting and confusing if used incorrectly. I don't think they should always be used, but they can make things look more clean and polished when used subtly.

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