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Friday Night Deploys Podcast with the DevPlebs!

Hey everyone, I've been a little quiet recently but I swear I haven't been sitting around playing video games. One of the things I've been up to is starting a podcast with my close friend Keith Brewster!

We had a lot of things to consider and work on that could honestly be its own article or episode but we finally released our first episode!

What's it about?

Friday Night Deploys might be best described as a personality-driven, web development-focused podcast show where we share our personal experiences with certain topics surrounding web development. Our hope is to provide some entertainment and share some thoughts on topics whether it's advice, stories, or asking our audience!

The Cast

The reoccurring cast of the show is Keith Brewster, and myself, Phil Tietjen. We would love to have some rotating seats for guests on the show, however, in our (Keith's) quest to provide the most pleasing audio quality with our extremely limited setup it will just be us two losers for the meantime.

brewsterbhg image

Where Can I Listen?

We'll have a website up in the near future but we are on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Play Music Podcasts!

The Audience!

For now, @ or DM us on twitter @devplebs. We would love to have some audience interaction in our shows as we go forward in the form of...

  • Shoutouts
  • Stories
  • Questions
  • Feedback

They don't have to be entirely related to web development

Closing out

We really hope you all enjoy the show even in its infancy. This is new and exciting for us and we aim to only get better!


PS. Anyone who has been reading my CSS in JS series, I swear the next one is coming! :D

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Arturo Cabrera

Hello Phil!

Just wanted to say that I'm totally enjoying the podcast, keep up the good work :)

phizzard profile image
Phil Tietjen

Thanks a lot, Arturo!

It means a lot to hear feedback, we're having a lot of fun with it and looking for ways to up the quality and fun for all!