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re: I once fixed a misspelling in a codebase without realizing that the name was coming from an external API's response so my correction broke everythi...

@yechielk At least that's just in one app and not the Referer header supported in every web browser and server in the world.

Come to think of it, I bet the Referer header has caused multiple spelling confusions leading to things like this.

@halldjack Oh no! You must have thought you were fixing a bug instead of causing it. That's the worst!

Yes! Someone pointed out the referer header to me once, and I instantly felt better for the poor developer who created that referalls table...

are we sure they didn’t mean “refer all”s intentionally? you know, all of the refered people. or referred?

never give in

Lol, yes, we're sure 😂

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