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Hey Cohan. Nice article, thanks for sharing! Are you using this to block spam calls to your Twilio numbers?

I think that this is a great combo of Twilio Functions and Twimlets too.


Yup that’s exactly what prompted this.

I had a caller repeatedly ringing but leaving no message so looked into how to block numbers on Twilio, which led to the first article I link to - I fancied putting a dynamic spin on it rather than hardcode the blocked numbers :)


Next thing is to automatically detect callers that do that often and automatically add them to the block list!

That’s a nerd snipe comment if I’ve ever seen one! Live thoughts follow 😅

Really good idea that. If Twilio has the api for it I could hook in to the transcript to see if it’s empty

Oh wait I could just check the length of the call and if the same number has appeared multiple times with <30s call time with no voicemail or answer from me to reset the counter, flag them up

.. this will need more thought

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