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The Journey of a Coder: Why Diversity of Experience is an Asset, Not a Liability

👋 I've had the incredible fortune of experiencing a wide array of roles across multiple sectors in the tech industry. My coding journey has seen me work on permanent teams and flex my muscles in the contracting world. I've spent half my career in agencies' vibrant, fast-paced life, a quarter in the structured, complex realm of enterprise, and another quarter navigating the ever-exciting and unpredictable sea of startups. Each experience has been unique and enlightening, teaching me valuable lessons for every new endeavor.

However, this varied experience is sometimes seen as a double-edged sword. When I apply for permanent positions, the immediate concern often raised is, "Well, he's been contracting lately; he probably won't stay long-term." Conversely, after nearly a decade in permanent roles, the fear was, "He's too accustomed to stability; he might leave this contract for a permanent job." I want to challenge these perceptions and ask, why can't this breadth of experience be viewed as an asset? Here's why it should be:

🛠 Skill Diversification: Working in different sectors and roles has equipped me with a unique skill set, from the nimbleness required in agency settings to the process-oriented focus needed in enterprise environments.

🤝 Adaptability: My experience enables me to quickly adapt to various work cultures, methodologies, and project requirements. I can integrate into a team or take the lead as necessary.

🔗 Networking: The relationships I've built across the industry have provided me with an invaluable resource pool, opening doors to collaborative opportunities that benefit everyone involved.

🔍 Perspective: Having seen projects from multiple angles, I can bring a more holistic approach to problem-solving, often resulting in innovative and effective solutions.

🎯 Commitment: Contrary to the assumptions, my varied experience demonstrates a commitment to growth and learning, not job-hopping. Whether it's a contract or permanent role, I aim to add value to the projects and people I work with.

So, the next time you see a resume that reads more like an epic journey than a straight path, consider the benefits of a diversified experience. It's not about whether I will leave for another contract or permanent role; it's about what I can bring to the table today.

After all, each company I apply to represents a new chapter I'm interested in adding to my journey, a testament to my interest and belief in what you do. I'm not just looking for a job; I'm looking for the next opportunity to grow and contribute. And I'm excited to see where that takes me on my journey. 🌟

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Great piece, thank you for sharing and I completely agree!! :D