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re:invent 2020 Sessions

The following are some inital re:invent 2020 Sessions that I recommend into Machine Learning and Data Analytics. I am aiming to few some these and give a wrap up as apart of my punditry.

Machine Learning:

  • How to use fully managed Jupyter notebooks in Amazon SageMaker
  • Implementing MLOps practices with Amazon SageMaker
  • Reinventing medical imaging with machine learning on AWS
  • From POC to production: Strategies for achieving machine learning at scale
  • Secure and compliant machine learning for regulated industries
  • How to use machine learning and the Data Cloud for advanced analytics (sponsored by Snowflake)
  • Train and tune ML models to the highest accuracy using Amazon SageMaker
  • Fast distributed training and near-linear scaling with PyTorch on AWS
  • Train large models with billions of parameters in TensorFlow 2.0
  • Choose the right machine learning algorithm in Amazon SageMaker
  • Interpretability and explainability in machine learning Privacy-preserving machine learning
  • Build quality ML models easily & quickly with Amazon SageMaker Autopilot
  • Scaling MLOps on Kubernetes with Amazon SageMaker Operators
  • Machine learning inference with Amazon EC2 Inf1 instances
  • Architectural best practices for machine learning applications
  • Accelerate machine learning projects with pretrained models
  • Detect machine learning (ML) model drift in production

Data Analytics

  • How BMW Group uses AWS serverless analytics for a data-driven ecosystem
  • How FINRA operates PB-scale analytics on data lakes with Amazon Athena
  • Break down data silos: Build a serverless data lake on Amazon S3
  • Serverless data preparation with AWS Glue
  • Run big data analytics faster at lower cost with Amazon EMR
  • Improving analytics productivity for overwhelmed data teams (sponsored by Matillion)
  • 5 best practices for migrating large analytics systems to AWS (sponsored by Teradata)

Serverless and Containers

  • AWS Fargate: Are serverless containers right for you?
  • Getting started building your first serverless web application
  • Serverless everything: Replatforming for speed and ownership (sponsored by Datadog)
  • Scalable serverless event-driven architectures with SNS, SQS & Lambda
  • AXA: Rearchitecting with serverless to accelerate innovation
  • Power modern serverless applications with GraphQL and AWS AppSync
  • Best practices for securing your serverless applications
  • CI/CD for serverless applications
  • Becoming proficient with serverless application observability
  • Decoupling serverless workloads with Amazon EventBridge
  • Best practices for security governance in serverless applications

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