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Ifeoluwa Sanni
Ifeoluwa Sanni

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Taking Blockchain to the grassroots.

🔷 Blockchain at the grassroots will only be interesting if it is introduced into what they love doing.

🔷 Imagine having a decentralized application where farmers can connect to wholesalers/retailers and consumers.

🔷 Imagine having a decentralized e-voting application where everyone can vote in the comfort of their homes and can monitor their votes.

🔷 Imagine having a decentralized health application where I can easily consult my doctor and can have a feasible consulting time to ease the long hours of queuing up in a health facility.

🔷 How about a decentralized transport application?

🔷 If blockchain will get to the grassroots, then Agriculture, Transportation, Health and Governance can not be ignored!

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