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Tracking Result

Tracking Results successfully

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what you have achieved, keeping track of the past comes with a price, one that most people prefer not to pay. The importance of keeping these records abundantly reveal that sticking with this seemingly painful habit is rewarding. Most multi-national companies implement this on daily basis, even if you had a month old start-up you could take advantage of this and steer your business into greatness. You may or may not be a record keeper, statistician or anything of the sort, but learning these principles would help you decisively place your work, business or personality on the platform that matters.

These steps would help you stay on top of this habit if you read on…


This is arguably the most talked about step in the history of articles, while this may be true, the essence of this step cannot be over-emphasized. Having plans help you to stay on track, articulate and take decisions faster. Plans help you visualize the road map leading to your destination.

If there were no plans, it becomes difficult to say where on the progress line you were at the moment. Modeling your actions on paper makes your transition to the Result faster.


Next up after you have setup a proper plan, you have to start off the process with the Goals of winning today!

What that means? Set plans that you will have to achieve TODAY. Whether they are simple or not! You have to start out conquering the activities of Today. Say you have a Press Conference talk to hold, a meeting at the office with the Regional Managers, a Date with a family member late in the evening and perhaps a quick manifest at the gym, that is sure some scheduling to do… but your day won’t be entirely successful if half of the things to-do were not done.

So you take all the activities and stack them by precedence and priority, this allows you to know what is important at the moment and focus your energy and attention to completing it.

If today is lost, tomorrow is half spent fixing today. @tz_fayvor

So keep a clean record of these little daily activities that make up the big picture and finish them on time. That way you are efficiently producing the needed Result.


At the end of everyday, you should take out sometime to briefly check through your list / plan and discover which ones you did complete, which ones were half done and why? Maybe some circumstances beyond your control came up and distorted the flow of things… you will have to note this down and look out for ways to handle such logistics next-time they show up so they don’t ultimately stall your progress.

You also do need to note what was done well, what was done perfectly well and what was untouched at all. To increase productivity, you may need to constantly improve your way of doing things well… seek for ways to do them better.

Keeping record about this would help you know when, how and why you are improving.


To get more result, you have to take decisions on time. Decisions are the pivot points that define balance in whatever you do. When you have a habit of taking decision late, or making the wrong decisions, you will discover you almost always have the poor results rewarded.

In my opinion it is best to take decisions while planing; at such moments you get a peek into each future moment. What actions would ensue based on the current decision. What reactive measure could safely handle bad occurrences or what decisions are best suited for a particular task and why those decisions matter!

Taking Decisions in the middle of execution is somewhat unhealthy because there could be pressures that would lead you to taking the wrong decision. You get what am trying to say right? You just have to have it ready. You just have to be prepared and ready to tackle stuffs right? Pressuring yourself into a decision could hurt when the pressure recedes and you become more rational.

Decisions sharpen Precisions

To forestall this, you need to take decisions ahead of time, and be confident those decision are right for you and the Result you seek. Be sure to know why such decisions are right and then stand by your decisions. This will make people believe in you and your Results. Even if they fail at the moment be sure to be firm on your decisions.


Getting the required Result most times can be a rather unbearable process. But with patience, focus and hard-work virtually anything pays off. When the ladder becomes too steep to ascend, hold on and stay positive. A lot of people are in rots and are clanged up with a myriad of barriers, while giving up may seem good an option, breaking to the realms of success will take a lot of determination, courage and focus.

Most times you could need support from environment, people and friends around you. The support you seek should be one that drives you to fulfilling your set goals and not the other way round.

Its good you have come this far. I am excited you stayed with me through it. I am more than excited to hear your success story and help spread your Result approach to all that care to listen… we can get talking @tz_fayvor on twitter, @ignyte4 on twitter and also facebook.

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