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Paul Hallett
Paul Hallett

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I'm Paul Hallett, and I support women devs.

Equality in tech looks like…

A progressive and beautiful world.

Equality should mean all people, of all genders, religions, and beliefs, all contribute and gain equally from working together in technology.

Not just from being a developer in a team, but also equal gain from the products that are built with technology.

I will advocate for equality by…

continuing to highlight the work done by lesser represented people within my team and within the technology community.

I will continue to offer mentoring and support to lesser represented people who deserve equal opportunity in tech.

My advice for fellow allies to support self-identifying women and non-binary folks who code is...

Treat people with compassion. We are human, and we all make mistakes.

Find opportunities to give lesser represented people a chance to build something new, or learn something new, and coach them through it. Encourage and show them that they are capable.

Highlight their successes and their efforts, and give them a high five when they succeed!

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