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re: An interview will consist of multiple questions. IT will not be based on a single question that you happened to have seen before. It's unlikely tha...

Sure. I still think being honest is best. And I'd be happy to discuss the question if they want to and how it differs from my previous solution, etc. What I'm not willing to do though is "reverse a string in language X". Granted that's a horrible question, but I've gotten some like that, responded "i'd use the built in method, can we talk about something else?" and then gotten into much more interesting discussions :)

I've also been asked to solve Conway's Game of Life. And amazingly all I knew about it at the time was "it's that dot game." I didn't know how it worked or the rules. I'd like to think my solving that was more impressive not knowing anything about it than if I'd previously solved it several times and knew the edge cases. :shrug:

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