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Status Update: 2020-July

It has been a while… A quick status update for the community.

Certainly the virus and all the lock down, opening up, lock down again have introduced unnecessary stress to all of us and our families. A lot of us had to adjust to a new reality of working from home along with other changes.

These events have thrown a curve ball as they say in the US. Phalcon is not an exception. The team has been trying to adjust to the new reality, taking care of our families first of course. There are so many hours in the day as one can imagine, Phalcon development became a less of a priority compared to our families - and this is how it should be really.

Ruud has been extremely busy, trying to adjust his business to the new reality, since the WuHan Corona Virus managed to eliminate the business model he has been working on for these last few years. Happy to announce that he is recovering his business and moving forward.

Serghei has been working from home and busy as ever. He had to address some issues at home and increased work requirements. Also, holiday season came so time with the family is essential.

Anton also started working from home and equally busy as the rest of the team. He did manage to push some updates to the incubator, devtools and other repos.

Finally, Nikos has been attending to family mostly, survived the Corona Virus, and is looking forward to the first family vacation in the last 5 years. It is going to be a blast.

In short, we are here, we have not abandoned the project. Summer is always a slow period for a lot of projects due to holidays etc. Once we all come back with batteries recharged you will see more activity in the project.

As usual, huge thanks to the community for helping out this time with suggestions, patches, document translations and more.

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