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Phalcon 5.1.4 Released and Update

Phalcon 5.1.4 is now available! This release contains a bug fix for the ACL adapter producing warnings.

Thank you to our community member that discovered this, otherwise those that used the Phalcon\Acl\Adapter\Memory would have been inundated with warnings about a deprecated Reflection method.


We have not been very active with our bug fixes or new functionality in the phalcon/cphalcon repository lately. This is because we have been working hard on the phalcon/phalcon repository (the v6 version), to translate all the code from Zephir to PHP.

The reason behind this shift is that there are several issues with our ORM, pertaining to related records, and finding the issues and fixing them in cphalcon was going to be a very time consuming task. As such, we opted to work on v6, find the bugs there and then move them over to cphalcon.

Right now, the Phalcon\Http namespace is nearly done and after that there are a couple of files left for the Phalcon\Mvc namespace. With those two we will be in a position to debug and diagnose the issues at hand.

This will also bring us closer to having v6 ready and potentially release an alpha version for it.

A big thank you to our community!

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