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MY Hacktoberfest Experience

[My first ever Contribution]

Hi Everyone! I am a 2nd-year student pursuing computer science, my name is Phagun, for about a year. I was struggling on how to get started with open source contributions, all I was doing is searching and more searching but could not find the right project, this hacktoberfest thingy helped me in making my first contribution as many beginners friendly projects came out in which I could contribute with my little experience.


I got to know about this event organized by @DigitalOcean around the 11th of October, I was not very positive about the event but registered myself anyway.


I am not a hardcore coder but I know front-end quite well so I contributed to various front-end projects or minor c++ code patches.
and I have finally completed this year's challenge, next time I will try to contribute to some major projects too


This was my first time participating in this event and it helped me a lot, I would love to do it again.

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