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learn about The OpenSource End-to-End DevOps tool - Devtron, Heroku for Kubernetes. Livestream on 8th July 3:00 PM UTC

I am Excited to share with everyone that I will be joining Saiyam Pathak, Director of Civocloud and a YouTuber, on a Livestream on 8th july to talk about our OpenSource End-to-End Devops tool, Devtron.
There are cool giveaways as well for those who attend the event 😄

Devtron is an application-first way of looking at Kubernetes, meaning deep integrations with existing open-source, commercial software and add capabilities on top of them to enable a clean self serve UI for developers and DevOps.
We support various OpenSource systems like argocd, Argo workflow, Clair, hibernator, grafana, Prometheus, envoy, and many others. In short, it automates and helps in maintaining a balance between Security, Cost and stability of your app.

If any of this interests you, you will definitely have a great time. Come hang out with us on the stream to have a chat with me.

This is our OpenSource DevOps tool link, if you'd like to explore more

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Software Delivery Workflow For Kubernetes

Devtron is an open source software delivery workflow for kubernetes written in go
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💡 Why Devtron?

It is designed as a self-serve platform for operationalizing and maintaining applications (AppOps) on kubernetes in a developer friendly way

🎉 Features

Zero code software delivery workflow
  • Workflow which understands the domain of kubernetes, testing, CD, SecOps so that you dont have to write scripts
  • Reusable and composable components so that workflows are easy to contruct and reason through
Multi cloud deployment
  • Deploy to multiple kubernetes cluster
Easy dev-sec-ops integration
  • Multi level security policy at global, cluster, environment and application for efficient hierarchical policy management
  • Behavior driven security policy
  • Define policies and exception for kubernetes resources
  • Define policies for events for faster resolution
Application debugging dashboard
  • One place…

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