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Kubernetes Deployment Made Easy

You can check out our dashboard and Opensource repo here:

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Software Delivery Workflow For Kubernetes

The world is changing, and the pandemic accelerated organisational transformation. The challenge is no longer capturing the largest share of voice, but disruptive sustainable growth - delicately balanced on the three fundamental principles of cost, security, and stability! Devtron Labs not only balances the three principles effectively but provide the solution in an OpenSource environment

On July 24th, One of our contributors, Prakarsh from Devtron Labs curated a session at the AWS UG OSTech Conference 2021 organized by AWS User Group, Jaipur. With over ten years of professional experience, Prakarsh now holds the position of a kubernetes solution architect at Devtron. He discussed how Devtron makes kubernetes deployment extremely smooth.

Devtron: The Inception

While there were many solutions in the Kubernetes vertical, none of them provided end-to-end software delivery. To address this challenge, Devtron was born. Devtron seamlessly integrates with the majority of the solutions in the marketplace. Being highly flexible, it also provides multiple abstractions so that users don’t need to go in-depth into Kubernetes. Using Devtron’s complete automated workflow (which operates numerous verticalized tools such as Helm Charts, Clair, etc.), users can quickly deploy various applications. In addition, Devtron also offers next-level user management giving complete control to the users.

Solutions Provided:

Devtron is a complete consumer-focused tool built to take care of divergent needs such as monitoring, deployment, GitOps, observability, among many others, to make it a convenient experience for all users. It integrates multiple services within the Kubernetes and Cloud Native Computing Foundation(CNCF) universe to provide various microservices.

Some of the microservices like argocd, argo-rollout, clair, lens etc are readily available for deployment. In addition to that, all the original microservices created by Devtron are also available for the community to use and contribute.

Feature Exhibition:

One of the vital features includes exceptionally integrated Helm Charts within Devtron. With one click, users can add any helm chart they need and deploy it on their cluster. In addition, Devtron also supports multiple deployment strategies such as Blue-Green/Canary Deployment, which is uncommon. Users can also use Multiple Clusters and access Devtron’s Multi-Cloud support enabling multiple clusters available from numerous cloud providers, all managed from a single Devtron setup.

Integrated Observability and Uniform Access Management enables users to create groups for their environment and control access. Some other features include Centralized Caching, Hibernation, and Hierarchical Security Policies.

Devtron: Hands-On

Deployment: Devtron can be used to deploy any containerised application on a Kubernetes cluster without writing any kubernetes manifest at all. The users can simply connect various Kubernetes clusters on the Devtron UI (User Interface). This will allow the users to create multiple environments within the Kubernetes cluster. Each of these environments is mapped to a namespace within the cluster. Any Kubernetes cluster, be it on-premise or through cloud providers, can be connected. Devtron supports it all!

User Access Management:Users can define a group and add/remove users to manage permissions efficiently.

Chart Store:Using the Helm Chart section, it is easy to import any helm chart available in the market. It is simply a matter of selecting a helm chart and hitting the deployment key besides being highly customizable, allowing users to edit and deploy using integrated GitOps, so no hassle to manage and store helm values.

To access information on helm charts, users can find the ReadMe file to dig further. Helm charts can also be grouped for frequent use removing all the hassle of deploying them individually.

Security:Security is integrated within the Devtron UI, allowing users to scan all images they build through Clair integrated within devtron. The users can also control security policy at the organization, cluster, environment and application level. Hence, it is easy to enforce a policy that prohibits any user deploying a critically vulnerable application.

Deploying microservice using Devtron: To deploy microservices through Devtron, one simply has to create an application by selecting the Name and the Project. Then, the user can either create an application from scratch or clone configs from any of the existing applications that he has access to Devtron also supports building images from multiple git repositories. For a detailed tutorial, watch here:

Next Steps: Encouraging the Community

The Devtron project is an entirely open-source project that anyone can contribute to. Devtron is due to release a feature called “Bring your own charts” and will be including a lot of community contributed charts with due credits. All the DevOps and open source enthusiasts can contribute their charts. If contributors have a chart in mind and want to contribute, they can check the chart contribution guideline here. Furthermore, you can check the open issues in the Devtron Github Issues and ask the moderators if you would like to pick an issue and contribute.

You can Join our Discord here to connect with us.

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