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Ohh Boy!!! Yet Another Feature, I think I am going to explode...!!!

Yes, that’s what we all do.

Is it bad? No!

Is it good? Maybe!

As a developer or as anything the moment you shift careers? One of the things that happens under the hood is that you are signing up to be a life long learner and self developer... Yes you heard that right.

We have alot of developers title, but many times people forget this single developer title out every time :

.Self Developer

When you hear about new technologies or get a notification update for a new feature log on your favourite development environment ?

Don’t freak out...!!!

Relax you don’t have to learn everything.

"One thing I have learnt over time is, learn as you implement, don’t learn before you implement"

Okay that didn’t sound too fancy. But the idea is: Don’t task yourself with learning everything. You don’t have to know it all, you can learn a new idea or concept only when you need to use it, like when you really need it, and then apply.

Don’t disagree with me just yet, I have my reasons.

Reason is because no matter how brilliant you are, this is what happens to everyone and everything everytime:

  1. Energy unused is lost.

  2. Vitality unused diminishes

  3. A day unnplanned is lost

  4. You can’t keep time, you can manage time though, that’s where the perfection lies.

5.You should become a master at learning and practicing most of all..

This is just a few points from the universal registry of points...

Another thing is alot of people say read alot. Now I don’t have issues with that, but what I have issue with is, the concept, because it’s not complete.

"What is reading without practice?"

The full sentence should be:

" Read alot more and practice twice as that. "

Now that’s more like it!!!

This is not an article on how, to use Nodejs Nodemailer module or your normal fancy tech post, so there will be no need to make it even more verboose than it already is.

But in as much as we are all good at what we do. No doubt about that, there are little things that we should still remember, so I thought to share and remind us again…


This is an unminified(a more detailed information ) version of my article from someone else.

Thanks for reading.

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