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[Digest] Java, Kotlin, Spring, Cloud, and More - Episode 12

Today's issue of the digest is dedicated to the new Java version - JDK 21, which was released on September 19, 2023. It has such cool features as Sequenced Collections, Pattern Matching for switch, Record Patterns, Virtual Threads, and Generational ZGC.

You can find Release Notes here.

This is another LTS version, and everyone is talking about it from every corner for this reason. Here are some posts that I like the most:

☕️ Java 21 Features (with examples) by Sven Woltmann

☕️ Hello, Java 21 by Josh Long

☕️ The Arrival of Java 21! by Inside Java

☕️ Java 21, the Next LTS Release, Delivers Virtual Threads, Record Patterns and Pattern Matching by InfoQ

☕️ Java 21 - Java 17 = 42 JEPs view by Petr Filaretov :)

Dream your code, code your dream.

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