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Pavel Fedotov
Pavel Fedotov

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How to generate Sitemap for your Next JS project

In the following video we generate sitemap and robots.txt for our web badminton open-source Next Js project.

We generate nextjs sitemap with next-sitemap npm package.

Dspyt Article

About Web Badminton:

Decentralized badminton centered dapp on IPFS and Polygon Blockchain. The project is built with react components and nextjs.

Web Badminton GitHub:

We built the application using JavaScript, NextJS, React, Tailwind Css and Wagmi library, IPFS, and The application is hosted on vercel. The newsletter list data is stored on ipfs with

We implemented smart contract with solidity, hardhat and polygon blockchain mumbai testnet. Meanwhile the Ipfs data is stored using

About Dspyt Channel:

We are Data Science with Python DAO
GitHub DAO Page:

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