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Discussion on: Ripping out hibernate and going native JDBC

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Brian Pfretzschner • Edited on

Thanks for this nice post, I have the same feelings about Hibernate. JDBC (we selected JDBI as a basic library) seems like relief compared to that.
I am currently trying to remove JPA/Hiberante, but I am faced with the problem of database schema initialization for unit tests. This task was solved by Hiberante which worked well with a H2 database. Without Hibernate, this database must be initialized some other way. The Flyway scripts that we use for the real MySQL database are not compatible with H2 (even with the H2's MySQL mode).
Have you found a way to initialize an embedded database for (unit) tests? How did you do that? Thanks.

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Jilles van Gurp Author

I tend to use docker for database integration tests. I find embedded database performance is not really worth the feature differences. So fire up the real thing (or the closest thing to it). That also simplifies creating a database to just running the production schema and migrations and reduces the potential for weirdness related to (substantial) feature differences.