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Configure Helix to use ElixirLS

My favorite editor is Zed, but I also like to have Helix configured for quick edits directly in the terminal.

Like Zed, Helix is written in Rust which makes it fast. Helix is a post modern text editor that runs inside the terminal. It uses the VIM philosophy, but changes a few things.

It comes pre-configured with a few things, like syntax highlighting. But it needs some work (minimal) to add things like a language server for your favorite language.

I use Elixir, so I want to configure ElixirLS to work with Helix.

  1. Check if hx already knows where ElixirLS is

    Configured language server: elixir-ls
    Binary for language server: /path/to/elixir-ls/elixir-ls
    Configured debug adapter: None
    Highlight queries: ✓
    Textobject queries: ✓
    Indent queries: ✓
  2. If it doesn't know about it (it will report it can't find the binary), or you want a very specific version of ElixirLS, download the latest release from GitHub.

  3. Unzip the archive

  4. Locate and rename it to elixir-ls

    mv /path/to/ /path/to/elixir-ls
  5. Move the whole ElixirLS folder to a preferred path

  6. Add the following to your .zshrc


Now if you run hx --health elixir it should be able to find the server. Helix expects elixir-ls to be in the PATH, that's why we needed to rename

If you are looking for more information or ways to customize language servers, you can check Helix's documentation.

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