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Peter Witham
Peter Witham

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If you started over today what two things would you do?

If you had to forget everything you have learned and start over as a developer. What are the two things you would do first?

For me,

  1. Immediately join good communities and read at least 5 things daily.
  2. Learn based on what I want to get done, not what I think I need to know.

Share you're thoughts below.

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  • start on a backend its easier to transfer from BE to FE than vice versa
  • join reddit r's for experienced devs even if you are newbie
  • volunteer to take tasks nobody wants
  • ramp up you soft skills...they are equaly if not more important than hard skills
  • find mentor and befriend him/her
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Jon Randy 🎖️ • Edited

That would mean going back to 1983... and to be honest, my journey from a curious 7 year old writing simple programs in BASIC, moving with technology to where I am now has been an absolute blast - always a voyage of discovery, never a chore.

I wouldn't change any of it.