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I did try 100DaysOfCode but I eventually quit working on it. Not because it is a bad idea but because it just does not fit my pattern of creativity and development.

Once I started to force myself to work on my project I realized I was almost dreading the end of my work day when I would work on it, mostly because as my product matured there was less and less to work on.

Now maybe it is because I did too much too fast? But as a daily coder, let's be honest, over time we get faster at the regular things we do. This mean't I would end up doing in 1 hour a day more than I would of if I was not a long timer coder.

I guess I would say that my opinion is, it's a great idea for those that either need to get the motivation going or want a way to commit to something. But if you code for a living every day, it can lead to basically just extending your day by yet another hour.

I do still follow the tag and try to help inspire those that are doing it when I see them starting to loose momentum. So maybe for me it turned in to 100 days of motivational support for others :)


Wow, That's great Peter. How do you exactly help them?


I hope it helps them :)

I try to motivate and suggest ways to keep it moving forward. Probably doesn't help that much, but it doesn't hurt to try.

Perhaps there should be 100DaysOfMentorship

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