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Discussion on: Advice for Developers in the Early Stage of their Career

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Been a professional developer for 25 years and programming for almost 40. Working on many different platforms in many different industries building many different products. Learnt a few things.

In my experience, there is no more important skill in software development than the soft skills of identifying and learning to solve problems. Honing those skills should be in the back of mind of any work you do. They will serve you well wherever you work, whatever you develop, whatever you are using to develop.

Don't listen to anyone telling you there is only right or wrong way to do things. In such an abstract and diverse world of 'cyberspace' (yeah I hate the word too now 😁) there are countless ways of approaching any problem and nobody knows everything.

Feel free to seek and take onboard constructive ideas and suggestions as you go but dont be a slave to them. Feel free to experiment and get creative before you get locked into rigid projects, crazy deadlines and platforms and standards you have no say in working outside.

Even if you go down the wrong path you learn as much from your mistakes as your successes and you might learn something new that you can apply elsewhere.

Plenty of online communities out there. Steer clear of those who just bitch about things they hate, or use words NOOB/newbie in derogatory manner. You want to surround yourself by supportive, helpful and mentoring people. Like here.

Make time for fun whatever that is or you are going to burn out. You decide what that is.

Finally, accept that you are going to be on a hamster wheel of professional development for the rest of your career. If your employer fosters that you are onto a winner. Most expect you just do it in your own time at your own cost.

Good luck! It can be a really rewarding path you are taking.

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