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Build portals and intranets in Node.js

We provide an open-source Node.js product for building portals and intranets called OpenPlatform. OpenPlatform is a very flexible and small solution for integrating 3rd party apps which can be written in various technologies or versions that you will love ❤️ . Node.js OpenPlatform is fully open-source under the MIT license.

What is the OpenPlatform?

OpenPlatform is a stylish and straightforward Portal / Intranet system for running, integrating, and managing multiple third-party web applications. OpenPlatform provides running applications with a set of services, such as user, security and app management or notifications.

OpenPlatform provides third party apps in iframes (with a simple tokenization workflow). When a user believes they have only one solution, in reality, they use different applications on different hostnames. Developers are not restricted, they can use anything like Java, .NET, Python, RoR, PHP, Node.js, Go, … in combination with Vue, React, Angular, Ember, jQuery, … for creating apps optimized for OpenPlatform. Instead of creating one monolith solution, you can integrate/create many apps into one portal. This solution has a lot of pros in terms of long-term benefits like updating, security, scalability, etc.

OpenPlatform is an enterprise-ready solution.

OpenPlatform preview

Ready for customization

We have prepared OpenPlatform that can be customized according to your needs. Developers can change the existing portal layouts or create new ones. Data about users, apps, groups and permissions is stored in a PostgreSQL database under the "op" schema.

Key features

  • Fully optimized for 3rd party apps integration
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to localize
  • Low HW requirements
  • User management
  • App management
  • Groups and permission management
  • Optimized for mobile devices
  • Simple tokenization
  • MIT license

Various implementation

Total.js OpenPlatform has been around for more than 4 years. We have deployed it in many projects around the world. The latest version is v5 with very elegant code and fully prepared for various customization.

OpenPlatform gallery





Intranet system Icone

Intranet system Icone

Alarms / Rule engine


How to test it?

You can test it as a Docker container. Follow simple installation instructions:

Follow the video below:

What's next?

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