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Learning React, GraphQL, and Apollo?

peterj profile image Peter Jausovec ・1 min read

Last year I wrote a five-part series of posts on another blogging platform and explained how to create a simple URL shortener (e.g. using React, GraphQL, and Apollo.

I haven't updated the code in a while, so I figured I should go through it and update it with the latest tools etc. I've decided to put it up on LeanPub as an ebook in case anyone is interested. Using this link you can get a free version - if you decide to pay for it, that's fine as well (feel free to DM me on Twitter if the free version is not available anymore and I'll gladly send you the link).

I'd love to hear your feedback on it - at the time I wrote that I was learning about React and GraphQL and figured that writing it down might help others. Writing stuff down also helps me learn faster, and as an added bonus, I get the material I can refer back to :)

I am planning to add another chapter that talks about deployment. If anyone has any suggestions, ideas or wants to help - let me know!

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Stanley Nguyen

Hey Pete, I'd love to help out for the deployment chapter

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Peter Jausovec Author

Awesome - I’ll add you to the Github repo!

zulfadhli4141 profile image
Zulfadhli Zakari

hi, can you share the link for the free version?

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