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Mass SMS Messenger

What I built

Category Submission: Engaging Engagements

I was recommended by a friend of mine for joining this Hackathon at around 9 pm today. I started the entire development process at around 9:30 pm. I tried to build something simple but useful for local businesses during the period of COVID-19. Therefore, I designed a Mass SMS Messager which allows the business owner to send an SMS to a large list of clients by their phone numbers provided.

Link to Code

My GitHub Repo


  • The layout of the app


  • If both correct phone numbers and valid content are provided, a SUCCESS alert will be provided. And we can check the SMS for confirmation.


  • Else, a warning signal will be given. The user needs to update the content and/or phone number lists before sending another request.

How I built it

Backend - Node.js and Express.js
Frontend - React.js (+ Styled by Bootstrap 4)
Twilio SMS service

Additional Resources/Info

This is my first time dealing with Twilio API. Therefore, I only have a very limited understanding of its services. After playing around just with the SMS API, I can feel the power of Twilio. It makes the life of developers easier.

Thanks Twilio for the promo code which I will definitely make good use of it to feel the power of Twilio services over this weekend.

Stay Safe everyone !

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