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Discussion on: Will PHP save your startup?

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Peter Aba Author

I wrote thousands of words and all you have a problem with is that I dared linking something that I even stated I don't completely agree with?

I'm sure you're aware that most people on never read that article, it just triggers you that it's still around, doesn't it?

Also the post didn't mention it, the only thing it mentioned is that classic OOP is in my opinion evil, which I will stand by, but I'm aware that's still not the popular opinion.

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Pert Soomann

Not so much as triggered, but finding it amusing that that blog posts works it's way into comments of any PHP pros v cons related article sooner or later. I assumed referencing a drinking game would make it seem clearly more light-hearted comment, my bad.

I actually was going to write a longer and more meaningful reply, but decided I should take my time with it and left it for when I get home.

I liked that you came to a conclusion that PHP on it's own is not necessarily going to kill any startup. It's pretty uncommon actually, because articles usually end with very strong statements like - technology X, only morons use it OR technology X, only morons would use anything else - so what it's worth, I found the overall tone pretty neutral, which is a good thing.

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