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Entity Developer and ADO.Net Data Providers Now Support Entity Framework Core 5

Devart announced an update for Entity Developer and dotConnect ADO.NET data providers for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite. The new versions now support Entity Framework Core 5.0.

Devart, a recognized vendor of professional database management software and world-class data connectivity solutions for various data connection technologies and frameworks, introduced support of the Entity Framework Core 5.0 in Entity Developer and dotConnect providers.

Entity Developer 6.10 can now detect many-to-many associations and table-per-type inheritances automatically when generating an Entity Framework Core 5.0 model from a database. Also, these inheritances and associations could be created manually via the corresponding editors or Model Refactoring Wizard.

Standalone Entity Developer application now targets Entity Framework Core 5.0 by default, when creating new Entity Framework Core models.

The newly released dotConnect ADO.NET data providers for Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite got significant changes to their NuGet packages with Entity Framework Core functionality.

These packages now contain new assemblies for the following Entity Framework Core versions:
EF Core 1 assembly (.NET Standard 1.3)
EF Core 3 assembly (.NET Standard 2.0)
EF Core 5 assembly (.NET Standard 2.1)
At the same time these packages do not contain an assembly for Entity Framework Core 2 anymore. This assembly is now available only via the provider installer.

For more information on how these changes may affect projects, using dotConnect providers and Entity Framework Core, please visit

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